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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet Emily X

Our opposition is in the middle of 40 days of protests at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country. In response, Planned Parenthood has begun another blog by a clinic worker, Emily X. In this blog, Emily X will document what she sees during the 40 days outside her clinic.

One post that seemed to hit home is "Protesters are my family" where she talks about her mother-in-law called to tell her she was joining the protesters. Of course, her MIL doesn't know she's a doctor at the clinic. I think many of us take time to come out to our family & friends about our work with Planned Parenthood or any reproductive justice organization. It's all our choice on who to tell and when. Perhaps we grow up in a very conservative family and just don't want to cause 'trouble' at holiday dinners. Perhaps we just don't want our parents to worry that we're working in a field where people have died greeting patients.

No one should have to run a gauntlet to obtain health care and neither should we have to in order to get to work.

To support Emily X and other clinic workers around the country why don't you sponsor a protester? What you say? Yes. Sponsor a protester. Say you pledge $1 for every one that shows up during the 40 days and 5 come out every day. That's $200 going to Planned Parenthood. If they double the number of people harassing women, your donation would double! You can also pledge 5 cents for every protester as well. YOU pick the level you can manage. Just go to Emily X's sidebar to pledge.

A similar pledge drive in Ohio recently raised $28,000 for Equality Ohio!

And remember, you can also leave thank you notes in our comments for Planned Parenthood in general or just Chicago Area workers. Emily X also has a link so you can send thanks.

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