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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice of Illinois

The opponents of abortion believe that they have God on their side. And somehow we are to jump to the conclusion that those of us who support reproductive freedom don't. That is utterly false.

Today in the Aurora Beacon should be (I haven't seen it yet) an ad taken out by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice of Illinois. This is to remind everyone that some very God fearng people are on the side of Planned Parenthood and believe that contraception and yes, even abortion, are not in violation to their beliefs. Here is the text of the ad:
To the Good People of Aurora:

Protests against the new Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora do not represent the views of the larger faith community and clergy. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice of Illinois represents over 40 different denominations and faith-based organizations.

We believe that women and families should be able to make reproductive health decisions according to their own religious beliefs and conscience. We believe that women are moral decision-makers. We advocate for a woman's right to make moral decisions about all aspects of her reproductive health, including the decision to terminate a pregnancy.

We arrive at this view from a range of different theological positions consistent with the teachings of our diverse faiths. Because of the many differences among our religious teachings, we believe the government and other people should not impose any one belief on all of us. To do so would violate the individual freedom of belief and conscience is embedded in our American way.

We the undersigned are pro faith, pro family, and pro choice. We support the programs and services of Planned Parenthood regarding women's reproductive health and self-determination. We call on all people of good faith to respect each other and not try to impose their beliefs on others. We urge everyone to work together to support comprehensive, quality health care and to let each individual make their own personal choices regarding what health care they will seek. We urge the city to let the clinic open.

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