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Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm Not Sorry

A friend emailed this comment to me. Apparently she had technical difficulty posting this as the squiggly letters never were readable.

Perhaps a request at might get some women to speak up at the next City Council meeting.Many of us have posted our experience with abortion there. Being alive means making choices, and most of us who have chosen elective termination of our own pregnancy feel relief and we are not sorry we made the choice. I am in California and I hope the women closer to you will be sure to voice their support for our right to determine when and whether we should become a parent. Carrying a pregnancy to term entails physical risks.

Elective termination early inpregnancy is less risky. Girls and women need to know this fact. Our planet is groaning with too many of us already. Please review your reasons (and the dirty air and water your offspring will have to cope with) before you use your vital life energies to produce even one more of us. Millions of children are in desperate need of a home. Please adopt if you need to parent. And do all you can to get the Aurora clinic opened so that othe rwomen and girls will have real healthcare choices that they can afford. Jean Richards

I' is a site where women can share their positive experiences with abortion. The stories are moving. They are from women, young and old, some with children, some without, some used birth control, some did not. All are not sorry for having abortions. If you feel that you can not share your story with us here or in a City Council meeting, please submit your story to this website. Please let us know if you want us to read your story at a meeting too.

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