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Friday, September 28, 2007

Fixation on Glass

It is really creepy how anti-choice bloggers are fixated on the bullet-proof glass in our health center. If you search Google’s blogsearch for “planned parenthood” and “bulletproof glass” there’s over 50 self-righteous blog posts accusing us of “hiding behind” this glass.

And in regards to our health center Eric Scheilder has even gone so far as to claim:

Every brick, every sheet of “bullet proof glass,” [emphasis added] every blade of grass being protected by that dangerous fencing erected along the sidewalk was placed in violation of the law.

It’s an obsession of theirs. It's ironic since anti-choice extremists themselves forced us install to bullet-proof glass and other extreme safety measures in our health centers. (see here and here). In the past twenty years abortion providers have been harassed, beaten and killed by anti-choice groups. These same groups have also targeted clinics that provide abortions, committing arson, bombings, anthrax scares, and even attacking health centers with butyric acid. Is it any wonder that Planned Parenthood has taken drastic measures to protect our staff, volunteers and patients?

While the anti-choice demonstrations in Aurora have been peaceful, the movement is not above stooping to drastic tactics. Indeed, check out this well-researched post by ArchPundit on Joseph Scheilder, Eric’s father and one of the ringleaders here in Aurora.

Given all of that, their obsession with our glass is even more disquieting.

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